Wunder-Cover Installation Guide


Step 1

Set the frame to the desired level. Orientate to best suit the pattern of the pavers (optional).
Frame must be fully supported including internal flanges & gussets.


Step 2

Plaster all gaps. Leave sufficient depth for pavers to fit over external flanges.
Once the plaster is firm, the pavers can be laid and cut neatly to the edge of the frame.


Step 3

Insert lid. Screed sand, lay and cut pavers as normal.




Step 4

Fill joints with dry sand. Compact carefully in the usual manner.


Wunder-Cover Installation - Step 1


Wunder-Cover Installation - Step 2


Wunder-Cover Installation - Step 3


Wunder-Cover Installation - Step 4

Advanced Traffic Supplies


  • If unusually heavy loads are expected, please contact us for advice.
  • If tiles, asphalt or similar are used, the cover can be partially filled with concrete.
  • Wunder-Covers are easily removed with standard "Lifting Keys".
  • All Wunder-Covers are 100mm deep unless otherwise requested.


Please contact Advanced Traffic Supplies for more information.

Freephone: 0800 36 33 33 (NZ)

Outside NZ: +64 7 312 4647